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In this go-to guide for teachers and leaders, Amy Green provides inspiration and practical tools to unpack the many facets of teacher wellbeing. She explores the purpose of teacher wellbeing; where we've gone wrong in tackling issues such as burnout and stress; and what we can do to build teacher capacity and enhance school systems to support teacher wellbeing.

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    Transforming Time

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    One important part of working on your wellbeing is finding the time to do so, and how you use your time is also a key part of your wellbeing. This course will help you transform time by looking at your mindset and beliefs around time, how you wish to spend your time, and also practical strategies you can implement the achieve the change you desire.

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    Wellbeing #101

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    Well-being is not as simple as we have been led to believe. In this course you learn what wellbeing really is, the two main parts of wellbeing, how to make self-care work for you, and understand that wellbeing is part of lifestyle design. These 5 modules are your introduction to wellbeing and how to create your own wellness strategy.

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    Join us as we unpack what wellbeing really is and how we can make changes to ensure we prosper.

    Latest Episodes

    Navigating Change: Are there too many pieces to the puzzle?

    In the world of education, change can often feel like managing a complex machine. Just like cogs in a gear system, various pieces need attention and shifting. But in the midst of this, it's easy to get overwhelmed and lose sight of where to direct our efforts. This is a common challenge in schools, where there are numerous tasks and activities happening simultaneously. So, how can educators ensure that their energy is going where it matters most?

    Educator Wellbeing with Daniela Falecki

    Daniela and Amy have many similarities in their beliefs and approach to how we can improve educator wellbeing, which is no wonder why this episode focuses on exactly that. Tune in to hear Daniela's thoughts, findings, and next steps as she joins Amy as a leader in this space.

    Why Schedule Send is Not The Answer

    In the fast-paced world of trying to achieve work-life balance, prioritising wellbeing and setting boundaries, all while maintaining consistent ways of working, email is a common topic of discussion. One approach that often emerges is the idea of schedule send, where emails are sent during specific hours, typically between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

    The Reality of Teaching with a Lot of Hope with Sue Webb

    In this episode, Sue takes us on a journey through her experience as a teacher and leader of over 30 years and how this led her to write 'Teacher cry too'. This episode looks at some of the challenges teachers face daily and how we can turn this profession around. Filled with truth, insights and hope, this a great conversation and one not to be missed.

    When wellbeing week fizzles out and you don't know what to do...

    Wellbeing weeks. Some people love them, some not so much. Sometimes they are great, and sometimes they fizzle out. Is it time to move on from wellbeing weeks, or do we need to do them differently? Perhaps it is time to ask our staff not what they want to do, but instead, how they want to feel so we can offer what they need. Dive into this week's episode to hear more.

    Stress, burnout and the path to thriving with Dr Jenny Brockis

    In this episode Amy and Jenny discuss the difference between stress and burnout, and the sliding scale. Together they explore what true burnout looks like and how to make changes to ensure we prevent burnout from the beginning, rather than wait until we are caught up in it. Both Amy and Jenny share their own personal stories and strategies they use to support their own wellbeing.

    What is your wellness strategy?

    Your wellbeing strategy needs to be planned, and whilst it may require hard work, it shouldn’t be hard. Yes, you know you should exercise more and perhaps it might feel hard, yes, it may feel a little tricky to initially set boundaries, and yes, it may cause a bit of stress, to begin with as you stop checking emails in the evening. However, as you build these habits, you will realise the hard work becomes easier and once established all these things combine to make up your wellness strategy and support your overall wellbeing.

    Exploring Wellbeing Science & Why Resilience is the key to growth

    In this episode Amy and David discuss wellbeing science and practical strategies needed for all educators (and everyone else too..) The topic of resilience is explored in depth, and how we can utilise both internal and external resilience factors as we grow and change personally and professionally.

    The Missing Step to Creating Change

    In the human behaviour space and in coaching we often refer to a process called integration. This is where we take what we've learnt and integrate it into our being. We move what we learn from knowledge to practice so it becomes part of who we are. This is a crucial part of the change process, and one that is valued, given time for and reflected on before moving on to something else.

    What it means to take responsibility, live with purpose, and manage your mind with Emily Chadbourne

    In this episode, Emily and I chat about so many things that make up who we are. From unlearning to relearning, questioning everything and how to manage your mind. This episode was a real treat for me as Em has been in my world for a really long time and was one of my very first mindset coaches. She is incredible and this episode is filled with wisdom, insights, and gems everyone needs to hear.

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